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Italian > Wall Banner Vinyl

Huge, tough, long lasting, UV Vinyl Wall Banners can be rolled or even folded to store or move between classrooms. These wonderful Wall Banners are printed at LTA using UV ECO (non solvent) inks on a commercial grade UV PVC Vinyl so can withstand rain and sun for years. We fit these Banners with 6 eyelets (to use string or rope to attach to tie down points in classroom) or hang from a picture rail or outside. You could also use Heavy Duty Velcro strips on the back of each corner and at the centre point to attach to the wall or in make up a corner point in your classroom.

Cobbled Street Restraurant and  Vespa   Rome, Italy

Cobbled Street Restraurant and Vespa Rome, Italy - new!

WB5A40IT ea$ 120.00 +GST

Gondola on Grand Canal near Rialto Bridge, Venice, Italy

Gondola on Grand Canal near Rialto Bridge, Venice, Italy - new!

Gondola near to Rialto bridge on Grand Canal in Venice, Italy. This beautiful, bright coloured, wall banner is printed using UV INKS on a UV Sun & Waterproof, tough commercial quality vinyl that can be rolled, folded, hung with ropes or against windows or walls using the velcro provided. We print these inhouse, to order! 

WB5A45IT ea$ 120.00 +GST

Rialto Bridge, Italy

Rialto Bridge, Italy - new!

Venice Carnivale and Gondalas, Italy 

WB5A41IT ea$ 120.00 +GST

Sunset view of Florence and Duomo. Italy

Sunset view of Florence and Duomo. Italy - new!

Printed long lasting Sun proof & Water Proof vinyl banner for inside or outside use. Fold them, Roll Them, move them! Perfect for your classroom corner or outdoor. Printed by LTA Education to order :) 

WB5A39IT ea$ 120.00 +GST

Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain - new!

Beautifully bright printed, super tough wallbanner with beautiful high resolution image of the beautiful Trevi Fountain, Italy. Sun & Water proof, fold them, roll them. Perfect for a Classroom Corner! Size: 1800cm x 1200cm 

WB5A38IT ea$ 120.00 +GST


Christmas Door Chart AVAILABLE NOW!

LTA's Graphics Wizz/Illustrator, Bethany, has just finished the artwork on the first of our lovely Christmas Posters. Printed & Laminated @ LTA Education in Perth (when you order it!) this lovely, br more

INTERACTIVE Hiragana & Katakana Chart Sets

Have you seen our INTERACTIVE Hiragana & Katakana Chart Sets yet? These educational, fun sets, each include an A1 laminated chart and 46 Word Cards for your students to attach in their correct positio more


Interactive Colours 194, Unusual Pets 190, Bathroom 189, Bedroom 167 & Christmas 159 join our Interactive range for term 1 this year.
Some other new products & titles include: Jigsaw Singles , A new  more


LUCKY DIP MIXED PACKS available in all languages as a 10pk or 30pk - Badges Code: BD99, Keychains Code: KC99, Magnets Code: MG99 - See our 2018 Big Cat for details! more